Calum MacLeod likes to read.  He is also easily distracted.  Let’s watch!

The title of this blog was stolen from Paul Neilan‘s hilarious Apathy and Other Small Victories, and the header image from Renaissance Revolution on Flickr.



  1. Here, I figure you might like this.


    It’s a link to download the novella by Mark Z. Danielewski entitled “The 50 Year Sword”. Sadly it doesn’t contain the illustrations by Peter Van Sambeek. I stumbled across your blog when looking for a way to read Only Revolutions (I’m attempting to try and read it again). Anyways, I figured you might like to get a chance to read this, being that there are only 2000 english copies of this book floating around this planet, one might not get a good chance to read it.

    Also incase you didn’t know about this novella here is a short synapsis:

    The book centers around a woman named Chintana, who is a recently divorced seamstress attending a birthday party of another woman she knows named Belinda Kite. The party is located at a foster home, who the social worker on duty has brought a story teller to entertain the orphans there. The story teller is dark and foreboding. He begins telling the children of his journey to find an evil weapon. He tells them the power of the 50 year sword, that it’s blade is invisible and will cause no harm to anyone struck with it until their fiftieth year of life. Belinda hears this and disregards it as a ploy to fool the children, she takes the sword and slashes it over her entire body, showing she doesn’t fear what the story teller has said. She then goes about her business at her birthday party, insisting everyone be there at midnight to toast her.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Let me know what you think.


    • Sorry, I meant “synopsis” not “synapsis”.

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