The Closing Down of Summer

September 6, 2007

Considering it’s the second day of classes for my final year of school, and I’m already behind in my assigned readings, I suppose it’s time to put this site aside for the time being. I would have liked to crack 50 books this summer, but considering I got through 46 and only had to abandon two as unreadable, I’m going to call this summer’s reading list a success. I hope you enjoyed the reviews I’ve put together here and found them helpful; I know I found that writing them let me enjoy my reading on an entirely different level. If you’re having the same problem I was, reading so many books that you lose tracks of what you read and your initial impressions, I highly recommend writing some reviews yourself.

If I restart Small Victories after this year is over, it will almost definitely be in a different format. I won’t have to worry about starting school up again next September, so I won’t have to keep count of how many books I can speed through before then; but I’ll hopefully be working full time, so I won’t be able to keep up close to the same pace as I have been these past four months. However, whether I see you again in May or not, thanks for reading, and thanks for the new books and blogs I’ve learned about recently. When I’m deep in the analysis of some House of Lords case from 1850, I hope you’re enjoying whatever it is you’re reading.


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