#43 – Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers

August 24, 2007

i ain’t passed the bar, but i know a little bitThere’s no possible way to review this book.  It’s a career guidebook for law students, published by the American Bar Association and written by two law profs, Gary A. Munneke and William D. Henslee.  I’m only including it here for the sake of comprehensiveness, and because I spent this week reading it instead of The Secret History.  However, this site is called Small Victories, and doing research like this feels more like conceding defeat than any kind of victory.

Okay, in all seriousness, after a summer of reading for pleasure and with one week left before starting my final year of law school, I figure it’s about time to start doing some more practical reading.  And the fact that I still haven’t found an articling position, combined with the terrifyingly inconvenient truths over at Barely Legal, has got me thinking about the need to come up with a post-law school backup plan.  If you’re in my position, then yeah, this book or a similar one would be worth checking out, even if it is written from an American point of view.  If not, there’s no reason why you would ever want to read it.

Back to real books next week; let’s see how many I can race through before classes start on the 5th and I return to exclusively academic reading.


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  1. hmm. I might need to borrow this book from you.

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