#39 – The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

August 12, 2007

revenge is my arts, is crafty darts, while y’all stuck on laffy taffyOkay, so admittedly this one barely qualifies for my list, as not only is it a comic book, but it’s from a webcomic, and I already read all the pages for free when they were first posted online. But because I want to support Dr. McNinja, and because it’s one of the best comics out there, here we are: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, by Chris Hastings and Kent Archer. So awesome.

Like I said, Dr. McNinja was originally a webcomic, and this book is a collection of the first three stories. If you want to read them, head to the website and check them out. They’re absolutely worth checking out, and work on a few different levels. On the one, you’ve got this ninja who is also a doctor, who faces pressure from his family for turning his back on his heritage and is half-mad from the stress of his twin compulsions to cure and to kill. On another, much more actual level, you’ve got a totally sweet comic about this crazy ninja doctor who wants to be Batman and fights lumberjacks, pirates, and Mexican banditos on dinosaurs. Also, in the last completed story on the website (not included in this volume), Dr. McNinja fought off a zombie invasion. It’s completely funny and well-drawn and makes no sense most of the time. Scientifically speaking, there is nothing better than this.

Fine, this is pretty immature, but cut me some slack. I just finished the bewildering Sexing the Cherry and abandoned the disappointing Island, and I’m in the middle of The God Delusion and Goody Bledsoe. You need a little mindless badassery to cleanse the palate every so often. I mean, just click that thumbnail up at the top to take a closer look at the book’s cover – there’s a good chance it’s the coolest thing you’ve seen all day.


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